Hello there!

Designation is a branding and a
web-development studio.

We create great looking, effective and successful brands.

We build responsive, extensive and engaging online stores.

We forge intuitive, scalable and powerful web applications.


What We Do

The internet is changing a lot and we at Designation keep up with it. We are field experts when it comes to design, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, Ruby On Rails, SQL, POSTGRE SQL, Angular, React, and a lot of other languages that you don’t really care to know. What we’re trying to say is —

You care about your project, let us take care of the technology.

From simple blogs to complex e-commerce stores to customized heavy duty web app builds, we’ve done it all. In less than a year of Designation as a business, we have serviced over 40 clients and are hungry for more.

We build right, fast, and with the latest tools all the while providing great 24×7 support and train you to manage your project.


Why We Do It

We build stuff for the web, for you. We build relationships. We build with good practices, ethics, responsibility, and ownership.

Designation was built because we wanted to do the right thing the right way.

We care about your business and your well being and we want to provide you the easiest, low maintenance, truly rewarding service that makes you feel amazing about working with us.


How We Do It

We started off as kids with Windows32 and dial up connections, and all of us at Designation had built our first website using just HTML and CSS before we hit puberty.

We do the same thing now, except now we’re professionals.
And now we have a lot more talent, experience, and resolve.
Also, great computers and a powerful broadband connection.

Depending upon your project, we’ll take a signature approach to your specific problem. We’re not just designers and developers, we are problem solvers.

And we’re here for you.


Our Clients

We take really good care of our clients, because our clients are willing to invest in the future.

A good brand takes a business a long way. A well implemented brand strategy returns investment almost immediately. Our clients love us and we make sure that their investment in us is an investment in them.


Who We Are

Designation is not your run-of-the-mill startup. We’re a group of young guns who are fortunate to be in possession of wild talent. Our passion drives us. It keeps us up late into the night, pouring over just the right image, just the right color, just the right word. We believe in a better web, full of better design and better copy.

We are as diverse as your customer base. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, from all different walks of life. We come from a host of backgrounds, languages and ideologies. We span three continents and speak 14 different languages.

Designation Inc. is based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, one of the fastest growing economies in the United States.


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